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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The 9th Gift is out!

The new gift's title is quite odd, its called "Gift of Blinkypinykinkyclyde." The box of the gift looks pretty awesome, but the description is odd too... So as always, I googled it. Here are some things that I put together:
  • Theres a glitch when you play Pac-Man, where you get to level 256, theres a glitch called the "Split Screen" glitch where its almost impossible to beat. Heres what the glitch looks like:
  • The gift is covered is ghosts, where in Pac-Man, the main objective is to stay away from the ghosts or else you die.
  • Also, "Blinky" "Inky" "Pinky" and "Clyde" are all names of the Ghosts in Pac-man!
I think that this gift is a Trick, mostly because the description says you cant beat the 256th level, but Im not 100% sure yet. We'll just have to wait and find out!