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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Pros and Cons of the Trade System

Now as you may already know (How can you not know?), There is a Trade System coming very soon. This will enable users to freely trade Limited collectable items between themselves. But with this, comes problems. As highlighted by Deltaforce96 in a previous post. Highlighting that without buying limiteds, the cost of Robux goes up. But, There will be a gap to make a little something when the system is released. For example: Take this list of prices.

So, lets say, that when the Trade System is released, Sellers B and C want to trade their hat with one of their friends, This will happen.
The price gap becomes more wide, and creating a more appealing 'snipe' as it were, Which you could easily snap up and make a quick and decent profit from.

But. It may not work that way.

Seller A and B may want to trade with their friends, causing the prices to go up even more

What would you do with the Trade System?

Leave your responses below.

Thank you for reading.