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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Place Review: Call of ROBLOXia 5: World At War

Hello everyone, it's me, Refreshingwater. Today, I'm going to review this war place, let's get started. What I want to start talking about first of all, is the photo. This photo represents something we all know about, war. War of course is a serious subject, but on online games, it's somehow okay. We see a Sniper rifle, Molotov, Some other weapon, and ammunition. This photo is great and all, but let's get to the cool interesting part, the game itself.

When you enter this game, you'll see that there's a few GUIs. We have a selection either, Start Game, Custom Classes, and Team Preset Classes. I'm going to click Custom Classes, we see another group of buttons, Custom Class 1 and Custom Class 2. You can start customizing your class yourself. Then, we have Team Preset Classes. These classes are all premade for you to use without the trouble of choosing weapons yourself, pretty handy right?

You click Start Game and we get teleported to the map, now who to kill? If your on team Axis, you have a White uniform. If your on team Allies, you have a greenish uniform. When you move around, your looking for the users with no green name above them, that means they're enemies. People with green names above them are your allies, don't kill them. When you shoot someone your target thing gets an X in the middle, which means you've killed your opponent.

Let's talk about the creator of this game. This creator's name is litozinnamon, hard name to understand. This person is a NBC, which is awesome because he has a place that was visited over 5 MIL times! He may look like he had BC before, but let me tell you something, he's never had BC ever! This person to me looks like he's had BC before, but looking at his previous hats, there's no BC hard hat. This person is really successful because almost no NBCer has ever been this famous.

Here's something I used to do on Briguy's Roblox which I will start doing here. It's called "The Rating", which is when I rate this game on many things. I rate out of 10, so be prepared.

Scripting: 10/10, filled with many GUIs and scripts, very functional
Tools: 10/10, weapons everywhere, it's almost like an armory.
Building: 10/10, many well built maps, but not made by the creator, but he gives credit so BONUS POINTS!
General Enjoyment: 10/10, everyone comes back to this game so many times.
Originality: 6/10, I've seen so many war games in the past.
Creativity: 5/10, I've seen so many war games before
Deals with Problems: 10/10, no problems so far.
Deals with Lag: 8/10, some lag here and there.

Overall: 8.5/10, amazing game, recommend playing it.