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Sunday, September 18, 2011

NEW Staff members!

We have 2 new members of staff joining Roblox News today. During the past weeks, I have been looking around for more users with expertise in certain areas. This was not public recruitment so don't feel like you were left out.

The first new member of staff has had previous experience with Roblox Blogs, he used to write for Briguy's Roblox! Refreshingwater, is an experienced writer and well known for writing good quality articles. Refreshingwater, will decide his own role on the staff team as he knows what's best for himself.

The second new member of staff is maggiemuston, I requested her to send me an application to see what she would be like as a writer. She stood out to me as an accomplished tutorial writer, especially scripting tutorials. As mentioned above, she will become a tutorial writer, mainly focussing on scripting tutorials.

Give them both a warm welcome!