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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to make a simple Text for your ads or logos!

Hi there guys! Today is a simple tutorial on making simple text for your ads, or logos! First thing first, open up your software. If you don't have it, get it, because that's what we will be using.

Step 1. Click the T in the toolbar window, as shown here.

Step 2. Pick your font size, and optional, the font style. Here is how you change the size.

Step 3. Now click the B for bold, next to the font size, as shown here.

Step 4. After typing your word, go to the wand tool on the toolbar window, as shown here.

Step 5. Go up to the top of the screen and go where it says Replace, change it to Add Union, then change the Tolerance to 91.

Step 6. Click on the black text, and hit delete. There's either a delete button on your keyboard, or use the scissors icon at the top, as shown in this picture.

Step 7. Go to the layers window and clicked the add new layer button, then use the arrows on the window and click the down button, as shown in this picture.

Step 8. Now that your on the second layer, pick your color using the paint bucket to fill up the area, as shown here.

Step 10. Now go to the color palate and click more, your primary color is white for this, changes it's transparency to 116, and click the Circle Shape tool, and make the brush size 95, as shown here.

Step 11. To give it a special glare look, make the glare look like this, as shown here.

Step 12. Now click onto the background layer in the layers window, like so.

Step 13. Use the wand again, with 51 Tolerance, and click the white, then click layer 2, then delete using the delete button on your keyboard or the scissors.

Step 14. You can delete the background layer by using the big red X on the layers windows.

Step 15. If you have the outline effect, your going to go to effects at the top of the screen, then click object, then outline, here's how.

Step 16. This is your result:

Thanks for stopping by, and hope this helped you a lot!