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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello there! It's TREVOR818730!

I was selected to be the graphic designer for Roblox News because I've shown arbirator my work. I originally got involved in RN when I got into the Retexture Artist Official Channel, owned by BrightEyes. I got into this group because BrightEyes published my LolEarth.

Many people know me on Roblox for being friends with Planet3arth, or for owning Find The cookie Monsters. Thus I because and achieved me goal, being famous, but I wasn't done, no, I needed to be heard, so I would keep reading Roblox News. Arbirator, and the fellow staff caught my eyes on what really needed to be told. The first time I saw Roblox News, I saw a contest, I decided to enter it, but I didn't win. Then I got engraved eres an example of my work.

Well, I hope to give you all tips and tricks on!


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