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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guide: How to become a Limited Item Investor.

Hello RN Readers! Today I'm going to be showing you tips on how to become a good investor.

I'm sure you have all once wondered, how people got such great items? How do they have so much money?

Well, the answer is most likely there are a Limited Item Investor, which means they buy items, and sell them on for profit, and today I'm going to be showing you tips on how to get started.



1. How to build up money.

2. Where to begin.

3. How to know when to buy something.

4. What to sell it for.

5. List of Limiteds on the raise.

6. Author's Note.


1. How to build up money:

Well, the easiest way to build up a base amount of robux is to save up your daily logins, whether it be tix or robux, it doesn't matter much. Once you have a good amount, you should learn to take advantage of the Trade Currency to help build up more money. Anyway, once you've saved up a good bit, you're ready to go out into the wonderful world of investing!


2. Where to begin:

Wonderful! You've saved up some money, which is obviously essential if you want to become an investor. The best way to start investing is to lurk around the Let's Make a Deal forum, often enough, people put up snipes and good deals on certain items and post about it, so you don't have to waste your time scouring all over the catalog looking for deals.


3. How to know when to buy something.

Okay, one of the few things you need to do when you see an item up for a good deal is:

-Check the graph and see what the recent average price is, if it's under the recent average price, it's usually a good deal.

-Check the volume of the item from the last 30 days, most good items will have sold over 50 in the last 30 days, any less and it wouldn't be a wise investment.

-Have a look at the comments and check when the last comment was posted, if the last comment was posted roughly a month ago, the item is mostly forgotten about, if you see multiple comments in the last couple of hours, this means there is interest on the item.

-If an item is 50% off it's usually a good deal, but some aren't, it could be someone just trying to sell off an item that never sells, don't be fooled by taking note of the points above.


4. What to sell it for:

So, you've just bought an item for over 50% off? Excellent. Great. Super! The first things to do when deciding a price are:

-Look in the comments! See what people are offering, if it's a good deal, you should put it up for the asking price.

-Post in the comments! Ask people to message you offers for the hat.

-Post on the forum! Hold an auction thread and see who's the highest bidder.

-Put it up for a bit off the next lowest price, not to much, or to little, looking at the graph might help you decide!


5. List of Limiteds on the raise:

Here is a short list of Limited items you should chance getting a good deal on, as they are raising:


-Any fedoras (They are hugely popular).

-Shades (Any kind of shades really, they are raising slowly but surely).

-Headphones (Try and haggle with someone and get a good deal, they are raising).


All Katanas. (Try and snag one for a good price, and hold onto it for a while).

Sword Fights on the Heights 4 swords. (Out of most of the majority of roblox's price range, but the ghostwalker is fairly cheap at 60k, and could raise into the 100k's like it's brother, Darkheart and Illumina).


6. Author's Note:

Well, I've given you my tips and advice for you to set off on your journey of investing, hopefully it will help you on your journey to be a somewhat wealthy ROBLOXian.


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