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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello, I'm Refreshingwater!

I'm one of the brand new staff members here on ROBLOX News. I've already been introduced, but I want to tell you a little bit more about myself. I was a part of a secret staff recruitment, I got recruited over Twitter. Let's get started with the in-depth introduction, shall we?

I'm an experienced writer, which means I've worked on other ROBLOX blogs. The one other blog that I worked on was Briguy's Roblox, a popular blog run by Briguy9876. I worked there for a few months helping Briguy get his blog more popular, recruiting staff members too! I left for a reason that I don't want to talk about at all. I used to write Place Reviews on there, which is what I choose to write on here too. I will make an attempt on entertaining you amazing ROBLOX News fans as much as I can.

On ROBLOX, I like to build and forum, some very fun things, right? I'm an expert builder on ROBLOX, I can Cframe and what not. I forum every day, so you can somehow find me there and talk to me. I accept all friend requests on ROBLOX, so if your already a fan of me, add me! I'm making a small attempt on getting one of my places popular and maybe become rich and famous like most users are.

Here's what I plan on doing, a little bit more in depth. I'm planning on doing Place Reviews on places I think deserve attention, like less popular games. I plan on developing a relationship with all of the staff members here, I'm already friends with Arbirator, Deltaforce96, and BCGames! I guess that's all for now, I'll see you all in my next post and enjoy your day.