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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Community Article: EBR, standards too high?

My name is juice2005, and I've been building for a long time on ROBLOX. I recently learned how to CFrame, which greatly improved my building skills. Knowing pretty much all a builder can know, I decided to enter an application into E.B.R (Elite Builders of ROBLOXia), which is one of the biggest groups of famous builders, including GollyGreg, stuntman007, Sam010100001, and many other famous builders. So my first application was simple, it was a hummer. This was just to test what E.B.R's standards would look like. I wasn't approved, because apparently the vehicle lacked detail, however, it didn't whatsoever. Okay, so that just flew over my head, I didn't mind at all, like whatever, first entry, right? Well here's some screenshots of my second entry, which was completely denied because, "it's not big enough". (screenshots below)

So I was pretty disgusted by this point. I didn't know how I could have improved, as I used my CFraming skills to the max in this project, which took me about 5 hours in total. I thought I just sucked, but eventually players came in, and told me that it deserved to be on the front-page for it's unique and realistic design. By this point, I was confused, but wanted to continue because of the support of others. I was definitely looking forward to entering E.B.R in the near future. So I created another design, this time I went past my building skills, exceeded them, by far. I built a house inside of a hill, with two views out of the windows. (screenshots below)

Guess what? They told me it was too small, and that the design wasn't that great. Then, many players entered the game and begged for me to release this model on Free Models, so I did so on my alternate account: SeaBit. I ended up giving up after all these entries, and have basically stopped CFraming since I entered those entries. It wasn't the specific Moderator that was viewing it, I entered it to several Moderators to make sure that wasn't the case, but you know, I think their standards are too high, after viewing some of their other members buildings, I was utterly confused as to why I did not get into E.B.R. I don't believe that entry upon E.B.R. should be based on how big your game is, or if it's complete or not. I think it should be based off of uniqueness, skill, and the general design. It seems they like to base their entries off of the largeness of the game, rather than paying attention to the actual quality. If you plan on trying to get into E.B.R, be prepared for the outrageous standards that they provide, and lets hope you actually have a chance at getting in!

Brilliant Community Article provided by juice2005, many thanks are owed to him. Sadly, Juice's account no longer exists or is currently moderated so why not check out SeaBit's profile HERE.