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Monday, August 15, 2011

Working on a "ROBLOX" App for iPad2!

Yes, My friend and I have been working on a ROBLOX App! It will mainly be focused on the forums, It will be the only thing you can see + Your tix and messages! So far, We have completed 40% of this project! Please give me ideas for my next APP!

I will also make an APP for Blogger! The admins//Interns will be able to post from there mobile devices...! It will be available, for the iPad1/2, iPhone, iPod Touch,Android Phones, Windows 7 phones, And Android Tablet! This project has been started, But is not mainly focused on.



  1. Why can't I join the xCode parteh? :O

  2. Hm.. Our app dev is Cowbear... And you are only an intern

  3. Oh, I am sorry, I'm not allowed to make apps?

  4. I didnt say that, I said we already have one.

  5. Matt, where did you learn Java? I am looking for a good tutorial to learn it. I am so desperate at this point:P


  6. It seems your just copying my app...

  7. CowBear, No I will not copy your app.

    You can review it all, The whole coding, EVERYTHING.

  8. Review it? I mean my "My ROBLOX App" .


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