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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Will ROBLOX become NOBLOX?

With the new terrain feature coming out soon, will ROBLOX become NOBLOX?

The new terrain feature will be released sometime in September and will definitely revolutionise the way people play, think and build on ROBLOX. A question which people will ask it will it be laggy? Well, the new feature is being tested on, so all ROBLOXians can experience the new features, and see if there are any bugs/glitches or any lag problems.

This is a short post because not much is known about this feature yet, but you can ask me anything by sending me an e-mail at



  1. Welcome back SirChickenNugget. I never knew you were still on the team.

  2. Maybe you should test it before writing a post about it?

  3. A lot was discussed at the Roblox Rally.

  4. I know way too much about the service. Lol. But I can't say anything. :x

  5. I don't get what "NO"BLOX has to do with anything with no?
    What does the generator have to do with no?
    I don't get it.

  6. Maybe we should all stop complaining and shut up about? Yeah.

  7. I love this blog its much better than the original one and thejkids blog

  8. just shut up it is just a stupid kid thinking it will be no blox


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