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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips On Making Profit

Hello, ROBLOX News readers out there! Today I, xxshameless, am going to give you some tips on selling hats and other limited items. First I will start off with Limited items. With these, what I do is I check the average price for the item. Then sell it for one under that. Unless, that's the lowest price.
Remember, you want to make profit, but you don't want to sell it for too little or too much. The same with Limited U items, but those are a little more special. Also, if you get a special item like a 101, you can sell it to someone who collects those. They will pay top dollar for them. Though, when you get a face, not many people collect those. So then I suggest you buy them. The "Eyes of Azurewrath" were ones that everyone loved and wanted, though not many people got. Now, say you got those for R$10,000. You can now sell those for R$15,000 which was the original price.
If you do this with any other hat, gear, or face. Basically, any limited item you can do this to. But, make sure its worth buying!