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Friday, August 26, 2011

Roblox versus School. The Big Challenge.

Are you wondering whether you should give up Roblox over the school year? Should you just quit now or wait until your breaks? Now you don't have to worry. You should know that Roblox isn't always the most important thing in life.

Yes if you have parents you should have them go over this with you or they can read it themselves. (Recommended)

So you're starting school or in school now. If you are in 5th grade or higher this guide is mainly for you, although consists of lower grades.

Think about it in the long run, play Roblox all the time and don't care about school or focus on school and your grades.

First homeroom classes shouldn't expect daily assignments with about 1-3 subjects average. You most likely will have Math/English/Science/History homework. Most teachers prefer a packet with info from the teacher and for the whole week. Usually, you'll have 3 subjects most per day. This easily balances Roblox out with what you should get done per day. Assignments can vary by due date from 1 day to 2 weeks.

As you know when you go through the grades you get more homework and it becomes more challenging. Majority of middle schools have 7 work periods where you should have Math/History-Language or (Humanities)/Science/Elective/P.E./Other subjects will vary (Ex. Life Skills/Music/Drama/Art/World Language-30% Mandatory/Study Hall/Tech Lab). You will have average 3 home work assignments per day and 6 at most. Even though you may not have a certain class on a certain day, usually assignments can vary from 1 day 4 weeks until it's done.

You should always pick the assignments that have the shortest due date, then the ones that you can help from the teacher or parents while you can, and lastly the ones that have a longer due date and should be done gradually over time.

When asking for help don't rush your work or imply "Roblox" when saying you need help with your work. This will show a sign that you want to play Roblox but don't want to do home work.

One of the most important thing to do is not rush your work, because 99.9% of the time your parents hope you do good in school meaning that having bad grades won't let you play Roblox or have any free time.

Some tips:
If you have large assignments that need to be done don't procrastinate.
Try to go on Roblox when you're done with everything on your homework and schoolwork.
When you do have the time try to shorten your time on Roblox to about half the time you do now, see how many hours for the weekdays and weekends you will go on average.
Do not do weekend assignments on the last day, causing you to have to rush getting things done.

I hope that everyone reads this guide. Later on I'll add in some school related things and tips on how to still be on Roblox during the school year.

No I am not an adult typing this guide as a parent of a Robloxian.

If you have any questions, I suggest you use Roblox: jirachidog, If I dont respond use twitter: @jirachidog