Sunday, August 14, 2011


ROBLOX has COPIED some actual Gaming Devices, mostly portable! Here is some of them I found:
ROBLOX Portable Game System (RPGS)
First thing you notice about this is what it looks like, a PSP. Then you notice that the name ACTUALLY has portable in it... LIKE the PSP. Now things might be a little different like that the left buttons are WSAD and the buttons on the right are 1234 but otherwise, practically the same!

2.The Adventures Of Noob Boy
The Adventures of Noob Boy: Part 1
RIGHT when you look at this you can tell is a copy of the DS, it even has the slot in the back where you put in the game! The only thing different is on the back of it, it says ROBLOX and the whole thing is done in ROBLOX colors, and again, some of the things you push to move are WSAD!

Now, there's a couple more but I don't want to make this post TO long!


  1. Not to be mean, did we really need an article to tell people that? It's pretty obvious.

  2. @agreed
    @xxshameless I need your rblx username so i can get yo picture

  3. @xxshameless Yep he did... The problem with Roblox News is that we need better editors/reviewers. Lol if I was a reviewer of articles, I would give 50 robux to the first person to find an error in my articles that I reviewed. That's how much I care about having these articles written in top quality. Enough said.


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