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Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Limiteds : Profit To Be Made

I have recently been at band camp and have not had time to look into rising profit on limiteds. Today after coming back on roblox for more than a week I found some new limiteds that are rising and showing signs of profit.

Ancalagon: This hat is also known as "The Ice Dragon". 300 sold for 3k and is now sitting at a comfortable price of 6.6k . Profit is sure to be made. I recommend trying to buy this hat for 4.5k or 5k at the most. This hat will make scorching profit.

Azurewrath's Return: This sword sold for 200 robux. Only 2,000 were made. Now this gear is selling for 2k robu. I recommend buying this for 1k robux or less to make a decent amount of robux.

Deadly Thorn Potion: 301 have sold out of 1,000. This potion is selling for 1,000 robux. I fear that their are to many to make a profit. I would wait and watch this potion sell out. Then maybe snipe a low price.

1 comment:

  1. There are a few typos in this article, but still great work. I may buy some of those items shown. Also, just got back from a week long vacation without internet, so yeah. I'm back:D



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