Friday, August 12, 2011

Mobile ROBLOX News HD

It has been a long time since the release of the first Mobile ROBLOX News, but finally we have something for the iPad users out there! Today I submitted the Mobile ROBLOX News HD application to the app store. After Apple reviews the application in about a week it will be available for $0.99 (I hope).

Here are some screenshots!


  1. Error, it shows an older picture of me when I worked here. (the pineapple head dude) FIX IT! >:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD And I'll port it but can I place a section on the app info for credits? :D I'll just put a picture of my logo (small) and it'll like to

  2. I dont know, now I want to :P I just used your image from the site.

  3. There are credits, but I didn't upload an image.

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