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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hi Guys!

I'm jesse005. I'm one of the new interns for RN, and I'm shadowing Flingi2. I found out about ROBLOX about a year and a half ago. I was on Youtube, and thanks to the "Suggestions" on the side of the video, I got from videos of Family Guy, to Natural Disasters, to skateboarding, and then I ended up on a Roblox video. I've been checking out Roblox News multiple times a day since February 2011. I have been a big fan since then. Here at RN, I will be making banners for that banner scroller at the top of RN. I've made around 8 banners so far. You know a banner is made by me if it has a sunburst in the background, the words are shiny, or if it's a banner for a game review by Banjobug. On Roblox, I usually like to Forum, make free banners and logos, retexture, and I play a game every once in a while. Well, thanks for reading! If you would like to contact me, just tweet me on twitter (@Jesse005RBLX) or PM me on Roblox!

~ Jesse005