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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Advertising: Tips and Tricks!

Hello all, today I'll be teaching you some tips and tricks in the world of advertising!

So, without further ado, let's get started.

1. Choosing your ad size.
2. How to create an effective advertisement.
3. Whether to bid less on multiple ads then more on just one.
4. Choosing the right time to use it.
5. Author's note.


Choosing your ad size is one of the most important
things about creating an ad. Every size has it's advantage,
banner ads usually tend to get the most impressions,
whereas skyscraper ads give you more space
to work with while making an ad to make it more
effective and appealing, but give you less impressions,
but usually get more of a click rate percentage, and the
rectangle ads are in the middle of those points.
The ads I usually tend to go for and recommend are banner ads,
mainly due to the amount of impressions I receive, in second place
is the skyscraper ad, and in third the rectangle ad, so I'll put this into a
table of which I recommend you should go for.

1. Banner ad. Size 728 x 90.

2. Skyscraper ad. Size 160 x 600.

3. Rectangle ad. Size 300 x 250.


In this section I show you some tips on how to create an effective ad.

  • The best way to get good effects is to get plugins for your image editing software, to create good effects to attract the users viewing your ad.

  • When designing ad, choose vibrant colours that will appeal to the person viewing your ad, don't pick dull colours, try and choose colours that go with the main colour of the place as a background and it will look more tasteful and well presented.

  • When using effects, make sure you spend a good while perfecting at the effect you used, so it grabs the attention of the audience.

  • And lastly I highly recommend placing a picture of your place / motto of your group / and character wearing the clothing you're trying to sell, as they know what it will look like and hopefully like it going to the point where they click the ad.

Nowaday, a lot of people tend to think using up all your money on one ad, instead of dividing it between multiple ads is the way to get more clicks.
They are quite wrong.
It's a bad idea to waste all your money one ad instead of multiple ones, because if you're just counting on one ad to impress, and if it is doing badly, you won't have any back-up ad so your money has suddenly gone to waste.And also, multiple ads tend to get seen much more often than if you bidded all your money on a single ad.So keep this in mind when choosing to bid on your ad.


Choosing the right to run your ad is rather crucial, if you run it at a time when hardly anyone is online, you will stay without many clicks at all for a long time, but if you run it when lots of users are online, you tend to get much more clicks, and instead of coming around to this time once when it's flocking with users, if you run it when it is busy, you get two stabs at your ad being shown around that busy time, because if you run it at that time, it will finish at that busy time, giving your ad a good finish to it's time running.


I thank you for taking your time to read this, and hope it will come in handy for you when you are interested in running some ads to get your item more popular, so again, thank you for reading.


-Rob498. Have a question? Follow me on Twitter @Rob498RBLX