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Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW ROBLOX News Contest: Roblox Rally Hat

The Roblox Rally is almost here. The Rally is going to be huge. Roblox News wanted to start the rally weekend off by a hat contest. We want your rally hat ideas. Potray what you think the rally will be like through hat retextures. Tell us why you chose your hat in the model description. Tell us what that hat means to the rally. We hope you enjoy the rally if you are attending. Have fun and be safe. Here is an example.

So if you would like to enter, follow these simple instructions:

1) Create a Retexture and upload to ROBLOX as a 'model' (Check out some retexture tutorials if you're not sure how to do this)

2) Send an email to "' with a link to the Retexture Model. Title the message 'Roblox Rally retextures'. Include your ROBLOX Username! Deadline is tomorrow night , July 30th at 12 am. Winner will be announced Sunday August 1st at 7 am.

3) We will review every entry and pick the winners! The winner will receive 1,000 robux from Deltaforce96. Also your hat will be sent to Brighteyes. I can not guarantee it will be published but it will be looked at by her.