Saturday, July 30, 2011

NEW Interns: Second Roll-call!

Hio. Reading more applications I have decided to hire two promising applicants who are set to be great interns!

So, here they are:

Jirachidog has a been a long, devoted supporter and follower to Roblox News. He has applied every time we have opened for hiring, and a while back I promised him a position. Jirachidog is working on a secret project for me and so is not currently shadowing anyone. We will update you on who he is shadowing at a later date!


GamerBlock is new to Roblox News. He only recently discovered us, but sent a good application. He wishes to help out with the site design and has knowledge of HTML and C++. So I thought it would be sensible to place Gamer with Flingi. GamerBlock will be shadowing Flingi2 - our site manager.



  1. Welcome guys. I am a intern to! I look forward to reading your posts and finding out about the "Secret Project"

  2. Is it just me or do they only pick popular Roblox members to be interns?


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