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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW Interns: First Rollcall!

As most of you know we are currently looking for exciting interns to join our team for the summer, we are looking to crank out a lot of stuff during the holidays and we are even working on an awesome secret event!

So, without further or do, here are our first newbies to join the team:

cheesety210 has been an enthusiast about Roblox News for a while now, he has supported us and has long awaited the intern hiring. I chose him to become an intern because of this and the need for a member of the team to cover the catalog. He will be here with us during the summer, working on articles about catalog releases and what to buys. Cheesety210 will be helping me with this and is of course shadowing myself. Give him a warm welcome!


Deltaforce96 has shown impressive English skills with his application, presenting to me an article which was published for a contest. He too, has been an enthusiastic reader and had set a goal to join our team. He wishes to redeem himself after a run-in with some of the ROBLOX community and I respect this. During his stay this summer, he will be also working on catalog articles along with cheesety210 and will be shadowing myself. Give him a warm welcome!


So, there we have it! Our first interns! More interns are to come later in the week, and no, they won't ALL be shadowing me! Once again, I hope you guys have a great summer!