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Friday, July 29, 2011

Limiteds TO Invest Your Hard Earned Robux Into Part 2

After bringing you part one that was full of fantastic limiteds I reminded myself that I still had more hats to classify as great buys. Just a quick reminder to everyone wanting to invest. Always buy a hat under the lowest price available to give yourself room to make profit. Do not be afraid to haggle. Some people respect your willingness to try and grab a bargain deal on their hat. Without further ado I bring you the first limited.

The purple Indy is skater hat that has a lot of potential into becoming a big limited item. Again this hat sold for 7 roux like all the other skater hats. 18 limited sellers remain selling this hat. The current price is 25k. This hat shows some promise into become a big money making item like the Star Tailslide and Red Grind. All it needs are some buyers and time.

The Dr Shamrock Shades are another hat showing great promise. They have only been out for four month and the price has raised from 500 robux to 3,500 roux. For a retexture of the Dr Love shades, this hat still rakes in the money. I do like how the prices of this hat are climbing but the fact that it is a retexture limits the Value. I think it will reach 4k robux at the peek of the investment season.

An expensive hat to buy and make profit on is the Ice Crown. It is currently at 100,000 roux and is climbing. If you have around 75 to 80k roux I would try and haggle sellers down. This hat makes great profit I just do not see someone spending over 100k for a piece of Ice fitted into a crown mold.

The Helm of Secret Fire is a great investment for all roblox users. Currently at 4,000 robux, then it starts jumping to 6k and 8k robux. This hat is a great investment because not only does it look cool, it also can rake i profit. I recommend trying to buy this item for around 2,500 to 3,000 roux. That way you are guaranteed profit.

Show off your Bling Bling with the Golden Top Hat of Bling Bling. Not only does it provide a special swag boost to your ego, it always provides roux in your profit. Their are prices jumps from 3,300 to 3,500 roux and then to 4,000 roux. To guarantee some profit I recommend buying this for 2,000 robux. At most 2,500 robux.

The last limited to make profit on is classic. And Al Calpone wore one. The Classic Fedora! The Classic Fedora is currently at 4,000 robux and jumps around eventually landing at 5,000 robux. To ensure profit I recommend buying this hat for 2,500 or at most 3,000 roux. This hat is classic but the robux you make a the present. Have a limited item for me to critique? Have any questions on limited item investing? Tweet me I am @Deltaforce96