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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Limites TO Invest Your Hard Earned Robux Into

I have already answered the question of what limiteds not to invest your robux in, so why not tell you what items to invest your robux in. The first item I recommend buying is the Star Tailslide (pictured below). For a hat that started out at 7 robux, it has really made a price jump. It is currently selling for 40,000 robux. Since only 100 are in existence this hat is very rare. If you have 40,000 robux and are looking for profitable hat, the Star Tailslide is your best bet.

Another hat I encourage you to invest in is the Sparkle Time Fedora. With its shiny luster the Sparkle Time Fedora shows power and wealth. It is currently selling for 74k. The prices on this hat have been raising and raising. When I sold mine back in march the prices were only at 34k. I do not see the prices lowering at any point soon.

If you have 400,000 robux why not invest in the Dominus Fridgus? The Dominus Fridgus has only been out for 4 months and the prices have skyrocket from 39,000 robux to 400,000 robux. A huge price leap. Why ignore these statistics? They are only telling you to go buy one.

Another limited I have dug research up on is the Dominus Infernus. With only 11 sellers this hat is extremely rare. The hat was originally sold for 26,000 robux. Now it is being sold for 400,000 robux. If that is not a price jump I do not know my roblox limiteds. If you can fork out 400,000 robux, I highly recommend you buy this hat.

You can not have a limited investment post without including The Darkheart originally sold for 2,000 robux. Their are only 100 in all of roblox. Only 17 limited sellers remain selling the Darkheart. Today the Darkheart's lowest price is 286,000 robux. A 284,000 robux upgrade from a year ago. If you have 286,000 robux laying around using it as chump change this limited may be good for you. This is also the best sword in roblox. If you are a sword fighter this limited would benefit you greatly.

The last limited I recommend buying is the Dr Love Shades. They were first sold for 500 robux. Only 400 are in roblox. Today the shades sell for an average price of 5,900 robux. I would recommend buying this hat because the prices have increased tremendously. Have any limited item questions? If you do have a question pm me on roblox or tweet @deltaforce96