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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Limiteds NOT to invest your hard earned Robux in!

I have been asked by many Robloxians about which limited items to invest in. Today I am here to tell which limited items NOT to invest in.

The first limited item that comes to my mind is Telamon's Foe Hammer. It can be viewed HERE.
After been released a month ago, this limited item still has 95 sellers. Selling for 26,100 robux this item will very very hard to make profit from if it sells out.

Telamon's Foe Hammer

Another limited item I find interesting is the Violet Sneaking Slytherer. It can be seen HERE. After being out for one month this item still needs 182 buyers before it can become limited. At a starting price of 700 Robux, this item will be very hard to make profit out of.

Violet Sneaking Slytherer

The last Item I came across was the Korblox King. This item has been out for a month and still needs 80 buyers in order to become limited. At a starting price of 5,000 robux, again this limited will be very very hard to make profit if it can find 80 people to buy it. This item can be found HERE.

Korblox King

Have any limited items for me to critique? Tweet me you suggestions and ideas, @deltaforce96