Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Limited Heads Up! (Tutorial)

Some of you may have heard Roblox generally turns old contest items and classic/old items into limiteds. Some even search out for these items that people think will become limited. Here a few tips and instructions on how to receive these items.

1: Go to the Catalog and at the left click the Tab that says Top Favorites under Browse. A few colums below you should find All-Time under the Time category.

2: Next click Next Page at the bottom of the page. You will have a link that looks like this.

3: Then in the middle of the link you will find

Change that "2" to any number which will automatically change the page. I suggest you pick a larger number bringing you to non-favorited hats, although still good to liking and possible to become limited.

4: When you look around for an item the main things you need to look for are the Creation Date and Amount Sold. The longer created the better chance it will go off-sale. The price doesn't affect the hat that much, but the higher the price most-likely less will be sold being greater to the owners.

5: When going for contest hats, just try to create an unusual, yet interesting game that fits the topic and everyone likes.

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial and choose the limited that suits you! Comments and questions can be answered at the bottom.


  1. This should really help tons of people in the future asking about what is going to be limited next. Thanks for the tutorial and it was written with outstanding skills:D


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