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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jirachidog: My Roblox Story

Hello, some may know me, but to fully introduce myself I'm jirachidog. I was an hired as Intern on 7/30/11.

One day I was on YouTube in April of 2009 watching some random video and I happened to see an Ad Leading to Roblox. Like most people they get caught on the, "Build/Create Anything slogan," so I clicked the ad. Around this time the main feature was the gaming era. The first game that I played was Classic Paintball by Miked. That was the game that hooked me.

A year or two later.....

I pretty much had found my way around and learned the tactics of this site. I learned how to invest, make advertisements, build/C-Frame. I would say I had pretty much a Roblox "career" where you made enough money to be set or some think of it as a job. This was when I had really enjoyed the features of Roblox like hat and gear selling, being able to work in groups to help on a project, and foruming. (Longer Version will be continued)

One day I clicked on the News Tab and pretty much just scanned through it. I wasn't really sure of going to off-site news blogs, so a couple months of reading the Roblox Dev. Journal which I wasn't to fond of, I switched to RNews. As I read, not knowing what type or articles they made, I was amazed at how they were composed. This was when I really wanted to start writing articles for any news group blog. I had once seen an article for becoming a staff, although being confident I didn't make it. I saw another one and missed again. I decided not to give up on what I wanted to do and applied for intern, and luckily I made it the last time. I enjoy working for Roblox News even though it's my first day. And I thank arbirator and hope to get to know the staff. And I can't wait to introduce the secret project arbirator has given me.

If you would like contact jirachidog or ask any questions. You can pm me on Roblox on Jirachidog. You can send me an email on Or get a hold of me on twitter on @jirachidog.

Posts Coming Up: Investing History and The Secret Project