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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Forum!

Bayat again, and I'll be showing you how to Forum on ROBLOX's Forum page.

There are quite a lot of forumers.
I recommend to be mature, and talk with punctuation.
It makes it easier for people to understand you.

First off, start out by going to the Forum Page.

Then click on any topic that interests you!
I'll use ROBLOX Talk for an example.

On this screen, you can either make your own topic, or reply to another topic that's been already made.

I'll make my own topic.

It will take you to this menu.
From here, you can put in the subject, and the message of what you wanna talk about.
I'll fill it out for an example.
Be sure to keep what you're posting on topic!

Here is my example.
The "Do not allow replies to this topic" check box means people won't be able to reply.
I'm gonna keep it on so people can reply to my question!
Now I'll click post!

Now it will redirect you to what you have posted!
And that is the basics of foruming!

Thanks for reading!
(Albert Avery)

(Idea for this tutorial was by Deltaforce96)