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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

deltaforce96 : My Robloxian Story

Hi I'm deltaforce96. I joined roblox back in 2008. My story on how I found roblox is rather funny. I was on Mini Clip playing Club Penguin when an advertisement in the bottom of the screen caught my eye. Roblox : Build Anything. I think that was the slogan at the time. I clicked it and found the game sort of stupid so I laughed and closed the link. A month later I saw the advertisement again. This time I clicked the game section. A game called Heli Wars caught my eye. I thought it looked cool because at that point in my life I wanted to blow almost everything up. I found the game amazing and signed up for the account Deltaforce96. 3 years later I am here today serving as an intern for roblox news. Along the way I ran into a big dispute with the roblox forums. I am now portrayed as someone I am not and am trying to change that destiny. I thank arbirator for giving me that chance to show robloxians that I have truly changed. I am a summer intern working on the catalog of RN with my great friend Cheesety210. If you have a limited item or catalog questions feel free to tweet me (@deltaforce96) or pm me on roblox. I am always glad to help.


  1. Hello co-worker. Now make me a sandwhich, whoops i mean a article!

  2. "Portrayed" Not "Betrayed". Other than that. Very good introduction. Welcome Intern Deltaforce96

  3. @IBarragel thats the word I was thinking of. fixed it


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