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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cheesety210: His Story

       Hi, as you may know I am the new Intern for ROBLOX News! I was hired on 7/25/2011 but got announced as a new Intern on 7/26/2011!! And now for the story about my trip into ROBLOX News:

       I joined ROBLOX 2/4/2009, now I am a 2-year veteran! In 2009 I automatically was addicted to ROBLOX, I didn’t know much (Just like a lot of new people), and in the first game I ever played I met a user named Justcescooby! Justcescooby taught me how to buy clothes, build, use the Trade Currency, and even some basic scripting.

       In 2010 I became a Veteran, that’s when I got into forum posting, I wouldn’t do a super lot but I sure would do some! I mainly did S&A where one idea of mine actually was put into effect. Today I have 2000 forum posts!

       Early 2011 I started a ROBLOX twitter account (@Cheesety210) and that is when I met some people that have changed my ROBLOX career for the better. Also this is how I met Arbirator and found out about ROBLOX News! If some of the people reading this don’t have a ROBLOX twitter, get one. Look what it did for me; I am now an Intern at one of ROBLOX’s biggest “Fan/News” sites, and it let me meet some really wonderful people! I applied to RN once and wasn’t accepted. I applied again to the one that happened two weeks ago, got a shoutout from Arbirator but wasn’t hired. Finally at the internship I got a shout-out and was promptly hired! This just shows if you don’t make it once; don’t quit and try again!

       In the beginning of July (2011) I heard that a guy named Nexx (@Nexx_Tech) was asked by ROBLOX to make a ROBLOX Review site, where users can submit their own reviews. About a week before the site was actually out for testing I starting talking with Nexx, when the site came out he made me a moderator for the site. Now the site has about 100 members and growing every day! This was a big boost in my ROBLOX Career! (

Some Info About Me:
Do I Answer ALL PM’s : Yes
Do I Accept All FR’s: Yes
Do I Donate: No
Do I Accept Donates: Yes
Am I Awesome: Yes
I will be working in the catalog with my great friend DeltaForce96.
So Anyway PLEASE send me PM’s about anything and I WILL answer! I am very happy to be working with ROBLOX News!
So until my FIRST actual post in RN, Goodbye!


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