Sunday, July 31, 2011


Flora's Knight
Flora's Knight

Knitted Beanie Dino
Knitted Beanie Dino

New limited items! Still a couple remaining so BUY NOW!

Also thanks to Deltaforce96 (Intern) for alerting me about these hats! If there is a new limited item out there PLEASE notify me on my twitter!

Thanks for reading! -Cheesety210 (@Cheesety210

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  1. First of all, the Flora's Knight is just a tree stump.. I don't see why anyone would want to put it on their head. Talk about pro balancing and not to mention the weight:P Anyway, another opinion about the Knitted Beanie Dino. Because it was only 35R$ and 1,500 sold, I believe that it will become something.Right now, it is selling for about 100 R$. Just telling you guys:)



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