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Saturday, June 11, 2011

darkUdog: The Story.


I only had 1 gift from 2007 xmas.
I never participated in events, and when I did, I never won.
I never really cared about domino crown, everyone was talking about it, and how it's impossible, it seemed like a big deal, and I wanted it. I wanted to do the impossible. I wanted to make everyone "be struck with awe" and you said it.

I built my way up to where I am now, by using a couple of alts and 2k robux. I obtained a dominus infernus, and built my way from there. I couldn't use my ONE 2007 gift item because it was scammed from me, I used what I had, and got lucky.

It never really occurred to me that I had what it took to get a domino, I figured it'd be pretty easy; little did I know it was definitely not.

Once I got a wanwood crown, that was really when I started pursueing the domino.

Eventually I got to the point, where I sold my items because they weren't doing it. But I had to beg my cousin, brayden99 to help me out. Eventually he did, and donated 684k to me, I have to pay that back, but it's down the road.

I was in it to win it, I had gone and asked tons of domino owners. To the point where I've gotten ahold of inactive users such as rocks25, Are92, waffleboy. I even asked Telamon. There was no hope for me. Brayden demanded his money back and told me I couldn't get a domino. But I still had faith in myself. Very little faith that is. I still kept trying. Then, out of nowhere, it was like a miracle. PCWiener was undeleted and I had to put my last bit of luck to the test. My friends Soundwave05 and Pheedy convinced PC a lot for hours and hours that 1.1M was the best it'd get. So eventually, Domino was up for 1,105,802 robux. I bought it within milliseconds, and people think I'm some kind of role model now.

But people ask me now what I'm doing, and well, as soon as I got domino, I sold all my items as snipes and currently, encouraging users to get their dream hat.