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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Survive the Spongebob Army RANT

You all know that horrific kid's show about that weird yellow sponge thing? Yeah, the one that's been airing for 8 seasons. Well someone went and thought "Hey! Let's just make spongebob a zombie, put free models around him, and see what happens!" The result was Survive the Spongebob Army. This game is absolutely horrific. It also has 36,272 visits. It's been on the front page as well. I have one question the 36,272 people that visited it.

What the heck?

This game is a free model paradise.That's all it is, free models, more free models and some free models on the side sprinkled with free models. The game itself is awful. How it got to the front page is beyond me. Anyway, on to the 0/10s



There was no effort put into this. The map is copied from Roblox's Crossroads. There's a random ladder leading to a free model boss and all the weapons are free models. The Spongebob's are free models along with all the other Spongebob characters. No effort was put into this place. I could copy it exactly in 15 minutes using only my feet.



There was nothing creative put into the map because it was copied already. I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact same place a year ago. The exact same place, nothing different about it. This place is a pit of free models.



The gameplay is awful. The spongebob's infect you on touch. There's nothing keeping the spongebob's from swarming the spawns and making you a zombie immediately. There are also people who just stand next to spawns infecting people before they can do anything. Fighting the spongebob's is no fun because you get infected almost immediately. Did I mention that it lags like crazy?

Overall -15545/10

This game is crap


  • Click configure place, click reset, then click the empty baseplate.
  • Apologize to all 36,272 people
  • Go back to watching Spongebob like a good boy
If you found an awful front page game that you want reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about that place! I'm always happy to RANT about horrible front page games.