Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Shades Contest Winner!

I have seen a huge variety of many amazing and eye-catching shades, it was such a tricky decision too chose who should win, there will be a prize of 100 Robux to the lucky winner.

The winner of the Summer Shades Contest 2011 is: IBarrageI

The reason why these shades won was because of their unique design, nobody else would of though of this creative idea, even me.

Once more, I would like to congratulate the winner and all entrants for their amazing work!

Winning shades:


  1. I really think staff should STOP participating in this, it is an opportunity for our readers...

  2. Agreed. They already have the fame of being in the group

  3. Well no offense to you but you did name the website starting with your username..... My assumption when someone does that is to get famous. Again no offense
    Like when someone starts there own fanclub

  4. Is the title 'arbirator roblox news'?


    The Url with just 'robloxnews.blogspot...' was already taken.

  5. well arby, it is for our fans.. If we win it what is the point? It is like My giving a 50,000$ and if I win it what good is it to others? Our viewers are our backbone.


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