Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: Realistic Flame

For those people who use photoshop, you may know little things about it. Though people neglect to take a look at the lesser know tools, the tools that you can create even more amazing work with. for example with these tools, I will show you how you can make an impressive flame like so.
Now, to make this, you can follow these simple tips.
Firstly open a new page.
Now Select the paint brush tool and change the hardness of it to the value shown below (Size should be enough to fit 3/4 of the page)
Now you have set it to that, you change the colour, it can be any tone of brown but I find it easier like this.
Now you have done that, you can click the page to get a brown dot.
Now, once you have done that, you can now decrease the size of the brush, and lighten the colour, then click in the centre of the circle. then you should have something like this.
Keep repeating the decreasing and the lightening of the colour and brush then you should see this forming.

Now once it looks like that, select smudge tool. Found in the image below.
Then click from the middle, then move in a curved motion, like so.

Then you can experiment with that motion, like curving the other motion
[Remember: It will most defiantly not look like the demonstration example. Every time you do this, you will get a different result.]

Then you should end up with something like this.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, and I hope you have learnt something from today.



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    Also link to download the program?

  5. It's not a free program, but there are ways around it. It is called photoshop. It's a product from Adobe. Download the trial here. Though the trial is only for 30 days, you can buy it afterwards. it is a great tool for everyday life. Once you get the hang of photoshop, you can then experiment, to create a wider range of things.

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