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Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Weekly Character Contest!

Some contests we have been having have required quite a lot of time or skill to accomplish and it is understandable that some people may not have one or the other necessary to complete them and get featured on the site. I have come up with a fairly inclusive contest that practically anyone can join and win on a weekly basis. This contest will be called the "Look of the Week" contest in which you the fans will submit your favorite or most stylin' looks to possibly get your profile and Robloxian look featured on the site. This contest will act as a way for fans like you to get recognized on the blog and at the same time spread your extensive knowledge of Robloxian fashion and outfit combinations to be seen by the many readers of this blog. To sum this contest up, anyone can send in an image [I will get into the submission process in a second] of their favorite "Look" or outfit for their Robloxian to be judged and possibly [If they win for that week] get their look and profile featured on the blog for all to see.

Now that you understand how this contest will work, I'll explain to you how to submit your crazy rainbow outfits and wacky moosicorn looks. What you will need to do first is create an outfit using whatever hats, gear, shirts, etc. you have at your disposal to create your prized look. The next step is getting the URL for that look by going to your own profile and right-clicking the picture of your awesome character, and select "Save Image as..." like so:
Then you need to save the image anywhere on your computer where you can easily find it again [preferably your desktop]. After saving it go on to your internet browser [Firefox... CHROME (:P), or whatever else you use] and go to the free photo sharing site, Once there select the computer upload method like so:

After selecting that, find the image wherever you placed it and open it.

Then select "Start Upload" to upload the image to and then you will be able to send me the link that provide here:
After all that is done and you have copied the correct link [yes I understand this process is a bit long and confusing, but if you just send me the direct URL from Roblox, the URL get's deleted after a set time or your character is changed so imgur allows you to send me a permanent link that will not get deleted], send an email to, and paste the link into the email. You don't need any words in the email besides your Roblox username and the URL unless you feel it necessary to explain your look as you think it might be confusing unless you are able to shed light on the theme or outfit you were trying to shoot for. The subject/title of the email should always be "Look of the Week [Date that the winner will be chosen (example: 6/17/11) (contest winners are announced on Friday so just put the date for the upcoming Friday of that week.)]. It is important to put the date in which the winner will be chosen because I need to know which week [if you win] your look will be featured. I will try to get a specified section on the blog where we can compile all the winners for easy viewing later but for now they will just be featured on a post on the blog, but don't worry, I will save them all for when the section does get created. Every week on Friday afternoon, I [and maybe some other staff members] will judge the winner of that week and will post their look that afternoon. Please be sure to send in your links before that time so you can have a chance to get posted on the blog as any late submissions will be thrown away. Just to clarify, Each week anyone will be allowed to submit one look [it is a weekly contest so you have enough chances to win that you will not need to submit more than one look per week] using the submission method I previously stated until the Friday of that week and will have their look featured on the blog for the rest of the week after that Friday. Once again, be sure to include the correct Friday you are submitting the the look for when sending the email as this date is necessary for me to coordinate who wins the contest when. I will not allow early or late submissions so try to find the right times to submit your look as to avoid getting your submission thrown out.

Thanks for your cooperation and I hope you all the best in your cool or wacky outfit making. If you have any questions about the competition, be sure to send those to Supernova90. Again, all submissions pertaining [having to do with] to the contest should be sent to, and don't forget to include your username so we can know who won! Thanks and keep up the great support people!