Sunday, June 26, 2011

NEW ROBLOX News Contest: Patriotic Retextures!

Independence day is fast approaching. The 4th of July is a huge celebration in the United States! Being British I don't know much about it, but what I do know is that is an important event and that we should celebrate by making themed retextures! They should bright and colourful, maybe with the American colours or even the flag!

So if you would like to enter, follow these simple instructions:

1) Create a Retexture and upload to ROBLOX as a 'model' (Check out some retexture tutorials if you're not sure how to do this)

2) Send an email to '' with a link to the Retexture Model. Title the message 'Patriotic Retextures 4th July 2011'. Include your ROBLOX Username!

3) We will review every entry and pick the winners! There will be prizes which will be revealed at a later date!


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  2. 1. A7, go to free models ( doesn't sound that bad), insert a hat giver for whatever hat you want. Copy the texture ID, go to catalog, click on a hat, change the numbers to the texture ID of the hat, click enter. And there's your template!
    2. Can we make more then one retexture to submit?
    3. RN should make a retexture tutorial for people who don't know how! (I do)
    4. RN should hire a helper to answer comment questions and make a email for questions that fans can send! ( I would be available for the job)


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