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Thursday, June 23, 2011

mod-Venture Exclusive Developer Interview: mattchewy


1) What is your role on the mod-Venture team?

I script. I came in to mod-Studio mostly to work on GUIs, but as time passed I moved more into general scripting. Mostly, I converted the like, 12 different scripts that ran the game into one 'superscript'.

2) What is your favourite part of the game?

I love the cutscenes and the building. You have never seen any cutscenes or building like this on Roblox. Gollygreg really outdid himself with the cutscenes. Kuunan and Tengo are amazing at building, which you probably know. I've never seen anyone CFrame like that in my life...

3) Kuunan said that you didn't have a release date, do you have any idea when the game will be finished?

We were hoping for this summer, but as May came, progress pretty much came to a halt. Kuunan and patrline have recently been building another city for the map and it looks great. Now that it is summer, we can work on it more. We just want people to remember that we don't work for mod-Studio and we have other lives, so we can't work on it 24/7. It is a huge project and takes a long time to work on.

4) By being part of the mod-Venture team, what other projects has this led
you on to do?

Well, recently, Telamon recruited some of us to work on a Roblox commercial. It was our first project as a group with a mixture of mod-Studio, scripters, builders, and more. We will have more projects soon, but Telamon hasn't disclosed that info to us yet.

5) How big is the mod-Venture map?

The map itself is huge. You would think it would be laggy, but since the beginning, there has been a ban on more than 5 thousand bricks on the map at one time. It's really fun to explore with all of the cities, forests, oceans, islands, mountains, towns, and castles.

6) What sort of things can you do within the map?

Well, right now, you can pretty much just walk around. We have implemented a quest system, but it isn't in the game yet.

7) Who built most of the map?

Kuunan and Tengo(Nanuukofthenorth) built most of it. They are amazing builders. The map is epic.

8) And finally, what do you think differentiates this game from the other RPG's out there?

Well, for one, this won't be a lousy game where you walk around killing motionless zombies while you magically gain XP. We will have quests, and battles, and a wide range of special abilities that everyone can play with. It is nothing like any RPG you have ever seen on Roblox. It will change the way they are played.