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Thursday, June 16, 2011

mod-Venture Exclusive Developer Interview: Kuunan!


1) How long have you been working on mod-Venture?

The mod-Team has been working on mod-Venture on a stop and go basis. Back in January we mustered together roughly half of the game, but decided to scrap it and start anew. The current, and final, version of mod-Venture has taken six-months thus far.

2) What was the inspiration for mod-Venture? Any other games or just ideas?

Simply put, I wanted to see a good game that redefined the capabilities of Roblox. The game is influenced by The Lord of the Rings indirectly, and fueled by my and TengoLa’s imagination.

3) In what way do you believe it will revolutionize ROBLOX games?

mod-Venture will set a new standard to Roblox adventure games. Every element of the game is hand-crafted to fit its need, all of which will be administered by a ‘superscript’, which now is pushing four-thousand lines. New ideas, new everything.

4) What do YOU work on within mod-Venture?

I’m the head builder and co-founder of the entire project. I deal with planning, building and supervising.

5) What is the games release date? Or does it not have one?

Nope. We’ve set release dates in the past, all of which have been extremely misleading. No release dates, we’ll let you guys know when the game is nearing completion.

6) Will you open another public Beta test for the game?

Doubtful; One major problem from the past has arisen with public beta testing, effectiveness. This is not a certain no, but Beta tests are meant for good, to uncover problems under stresses. When we allow the public to look for these, it can be difficult to control. We will most likely hand-pick a group of trusted and respected users to help test.

7) What sort of story does it have? How dynamic would you say it is?

I’ll try not to reveal anything worthwhile here; mod-Venture’s main plot will circle around your character. As evil engulfs the land of the free-people, your task is to unite these inhabitance and ultimately fight off the intruders, or perish in the attempt.

8) Did you start mod-Venture?

TengoLa and I started mod-Venture back in June of 2010, but it was merely an idea at the time.

9) What is your favourite part of the game?

Can’t say yet.

10) And finally and most importantly: Will I like it? Why?

Depends on who you are and what you like. I think anyone who appreciates effort will at least enjoy the game. That’s not saying everyone will like it, but I can only hope. You might, you might not.