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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Magic Lessons RANT

First off, I'd like to say that I like the idea of this place but it doesn't deserve the front page. If the creator had put a little more effort into it then I think it would be a great game. Sadly, the creator did not and the game is not that great. If he had put more time and effort into it I think this game would be great.
Effort 4/10
The creator obviously put a lot of effort into the wand. Sadly, that's all he did. The rest of the map is simply 2 completely open buildings and a absurdly huge wide open space. The creator needs to put in some detail if the place is ever going to get a higher rating and more visits.
Creativity 3/10
I've seen a lot of Harry Potter type stuff recently. Some better than others. This one is really no different. The only difference is that the wand is harder to use
Gameplay 2/10
Basically, to get the wand to work you need to shout out a spell from Harry Potter. You know, things like Crucio, Expelliarmus and stuff like that. The problem with that is that it's so difficult to type while you're under attack by other people. Also, the only spell I ever use is the instant death spell. The game would be a lot better if there was a GUI showing what spells you could use and you click one.
Overeall 3/10
It's a great idea but it wasn't expressed very well.
  • Make a GUI system so you can select spells
  • Add hidden spells like the Instant death one that you lose on death
  • Give me 2 eggs
  • Add some detail, make the map more pronounced and not just two buildings with no detail inside them. Add some cover of some kind.
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