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Friday, June 17, 2011

Look of the Week First Winner!

I loved the turnout of the first look of the week contest. There were some great entries and I really had to make some hard decisions. I finally came up with a winner and it was BlazingFiresoul with this astounding and very stylish look:

This entry really stood out as it really seemed to have everything "flow" with each section of the outfit. Each part fit a certain theme that I believe Blazing was trying to create, following a kind of "white-out" look. What better to fit the all white look than the amazing white Peacock Fedora. In general, every part of this outfit worked well with the others and the sword and shades added in just give the impression of "you don't want to mess with me".

I congratulate Blazing on winning the first contest and hope I can have just as big a turnout as next week. To those who did not succeed in winning this week, there is always next week. Try something new, go splurge on clothes in the catalog, or even make your own new and crazy outfits that no one on the likes of Roblox has ever seen before. Just some suggestions for future submitters:
  • Try not to use front page clothing as it is pretty overused when it first comes out (same goes for best selling shirts and such, waaayyyy overused)
  • Just throwing together a look with all the rarest and most expensive stuff you have doesn't win you the contest that week, you have to make the look work. Mashing together a fedora and a super rare skull doesn't mean it's going to look good.
After seeing all the submissions, I am a little disappointed in how few of you followed the submission guidelines I gave you and I feel the necessity to boil them down so you won't have any chance of missing these. Your submission must be sent to and must have the subject line: Look of the Week [date of the upcoming Friday, ie. 6/24/11]. You also must include your username as I can't tell who won if I don't know who submitted the look. Any other writing within the email besides the link you send is fine as long as it is in moderation and only has to do with your look. If you are still a bit confused on how the contest works, visit this post for a more in depth explanation.


Thanks to all who submitted, and I hope you all keep bringing in the innovative and cool looks like the ones we have received this week.

2nd link to Blazing's profile here.