Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with Superzac8!

Today we caught up with avid forumer superzac8, and we got to know a good bit about him! Take a look!

Q.1: How did you first hear about ROBLOX?
A.1: I used to constantly search the internet for ways to make my own video games. I got into a lot of them, but one day I found Roblox and have been here ever since.

Q.2: When did you first start foruming?
A.2: Late December 2009.

Q.3: When and how did you earn your Red Banded Tophat?
A.3: I got my top hat February 2010. I reported a major glitch involving the Sets on the forums. Renderman awarded it to me.

Q.4: Which are your favourite hobbies on ROBLOX? Like building, scripting, foruming etc.
A.4: My favorite hobby is Brickbattling. I also like to build a lot, though I probably forum the most.

Q.5: If you could have any hat on ROBLOX, what would it be and why?
A.5: The Teakettle. I really enjoy classic looks and i collect classic hats. The Teakettle stands out as an early Roblox icon and I would love to have it.

Big thanks to Zac for his time!


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  1. Nice! I wish I could get interviewed. Dx

  2. Never heard of him, he has 3k visits. I have way more, he gets interviewed. Makes sense.

  3. @liama
    He chooses who to interview on the forums. Don't be jelly.

  4. How do we get interviewed my name is littledaddy1 btw all add me


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