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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interview with Crayon24!

Hi all, today we got up with avid forumer Crayon24, and got to know a bit about him! Take a look.

Q. 1. When did you first start foruming and what's your favourite forum?
A. 1. I started foruming a little when I first joined in June 2009, just a little. Then I started alot in December 2009. My favorite forum is RT.
Q. 2. What's your rarest hat you have/had?
A. 2. #44 Star Tailslide.
Q. 3. What's the most robux/tix you've ever had at once?
A. 3. 167,450 Robux.
Q. 4. Who is your favourite forumer and why?
A. 4. Factberry, people may not remember him. But he was the one that started the fad with adding random facts.
Q. 5. Who is your favourite admin/mod and why?
A. 5. bluetortoise, because he is inactive, which makes him the only admin that's not a jerk.
Q. 6. How often do you post on the forum per day?
A. 6. Around 50-200 a day.
Q. 7. What are your favourite hobbies on ROBLOX?
A. 7. Building / Foruming.
Thanks to crayon for his time!
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