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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interview with BrightEyes!

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BrightEyes is a member of the ROBLOX Team, she works hard every day making items for the catalog and performing many other jobs! BrightEyes leads the Retexture Artists Official Channel!

1) When did you join the ROBLOX Team?

June 2008.

2) What made you want to work for ROBLOX

I have always liked games and decided I wanted to work for a game company. I interviewed with ROBLOX and the people I met were so smart and fun that I knew they would be inspirational to work with. I was also attracted to the variety of the ROBLOX site. Every day there are new top games and new things to do. That keeps things fresh and interesting.

3) What sort of things do you do other than make items for the catalog?

I work on our ROBLOX Cards (launching in new stores, promotions, etc) I also deal with advertising – both placing ROBLOX ads on other sites and having companies place ads on

4) What would you say to someone wanting to start Retexturing? Have you got any tips?

Start simple – maybe with ties or sunglasses. I like things that look professional and cool. Most retextures that are published have interesting color schemes and add a new detail or two to the original. The very best retextures turn the original hat into something totally different- which is not easy to do. The best example of someone doing this right is lolearth. Again – very hard to do… so maybe not for beginners.

5) What hobbies do have outside of work?

I like to play games, go the beach, travel, bake, read, and crochet.

6) What are your favourite games?

My current favorite ROBLOX games are Wordfall, Undead Coming (and variations of it) and AlexNewtron’s Apples 2 Apples. My favorite non-ROBLOX games are dominion, BSG, all Mario Games (particularly MarioKart),and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (I've got the arcade version of this at my house!).

7) Are there any upcoming updates you can tell us about?

There are so many updates that they’re hard to keep track of. The iPhone team is working on a new version of our app. The client team has some mega awesome features they’re working on and the web team is humming along as usual. I don’t know which features are surprises, so I don’t want to say too much.

8) Out of all the ROBLOX employees, which would you is the most fun to be around in the office? Who cracks the most jokes?

Telamon keeps the whole company laughing. I sit next to Reese and she’s pretty funny too. She’s a bit quieter than Telamon (most people are!) but still hilarious.

9) What sort of things will be at the ROBLOX Rally?

I’m so excited about the Rally! We’ve got a ton of events planned. I’m most interested in getting hat and gear ideas from our users. But there will be events, discussions, and booths with activities. Also it’s at the Exploratorium, which is an awesome museum (even if you don’t come to the Rally, you should make it out to the Exploratorium some day). The museum exhibits and activities will also be open (maybe not the cow eye dissection).

10) What you say is ROBLOX's most important aim?

My personal thoughts about ROBLOX’s mission are that ROBLOX is a place for kids to be creative. We give players the tools to bring their vision to life. We also give kids the tools to discover other kids creative masterpieces (be that games, clothes, decals, or models). I think that’s what we strive to do – help our players make awesome things.

11) And finally, are there any items coming out of Mystery Boxes anytime soon?