Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview with BrickBuilder74!

Hey guys! Another interview with BCGames!

Q1. If someone told you that you would have over 1,000,000 place visits when you first joined, what would you say?

A1. I'd say they're crazy and I'd probably never be that famous.

Q2. If you could have any hat, gear, face, or package custom made for you, what would it look like?

A2. Hat - It'd look like a golden Dominus with a crown of black thorns on top of it.

Q3. What made you join ROBLOX?

A3. My friend and I were looking for Mario Level building games when we stumpled upon Roblox. My best friend joined Roblox because he loved to build. I joined after seeing how fun it was- I loved to build, too.

Q4. What is the most annoying thing about people famous?

A4. They automatically think they are they best when these days, most of them, are definatly not the best.

Q5. The best thing?

A5. The best thing is that they make good games and are good role models. There are exceptions, however.

Q6. Any advice for users who wish to get their place known?

A6. I have a few bits of advice. First off, don't use free models and don't copy places. Second, spend a lot of time working on your place, not just ten minutes and say it's done. Third, advertise a lot. I'm talking about Roblox ads, not asking faamous people to visit your place. Finally, give your place a lot of detail and make it look good and fun.


  1. "What is the most annoying thing about people famous?"


    ... hah ...

  2. My guide to tell if someone enjoys being famous. It's pretty simple
    If there Follow feature is for everyone they enjoy being famous
    If there Follow feature is for no-one or best-friends they hate noobs who follow them


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