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Friday, June 17, 2011

Community Article: ROBLOX Intro

Why should you play ROBLOX? What makes this game so addicting, and makes you crave not turning on your computer to play it every morning? Here is why. ROBLOX is a online game where you can build levels and play other peoples levels they have built. Building is so fun and exciting with ROBLOX. You are supplied with some lonley building bricks, but that's only the begining. If you reach deep into the depths of your imagination, you can find so many ideas. Then you gather your ideas and build something amazing! Then you, and others can play it. Like I mentioned, you can play other users games to. This is very exciting as well, and sometimes very "edge of your seat" as you can challenge a friend to a intreging brickbattle. The more and more people visit your place, you get currency, that you can buy hats, and all sorts of wicked items with! ROBLOX is a game you will log on to everyday for exciting games and new items to collect.

Written by: Puppiar
Revised by: Winnz