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Friday, May 20, 2011

Recent Roblox Updates!

Today, a few of you may have noticed that Roblox has updated! Here is a quick outline of the recent changes:

Draggable GUIs
Every Gui object now has a "Draggable" property. If true, the user can click and drag the GUI and its descendants around their screen. This can be very useful for Gui games and menus. Along with the new property comes two new events, DragBegin and DragStop. You can learn more about these by checking out the ObjectBrowser or the wiki.

New Roblox Leaderboard
Roblox has also updated their leaderboard. You may have seen earlier versions of the new leaderboard on the game test site or while building your place in Studio. The new leaderboard now displays the current membership level of the user. You can also hit the Tab key to see a larger version of the leaderboard in game.

Testing out the new leaderboard

Users have also recently discovered a new CookiesService. As of now, we do not know what exactly this new service is used for, but a few players have already begun formulating ideas. You can join in on the discussion here