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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Place Review: Ultimate Digger Tycoon by TREVOR818730

When Trevor first messaged me about a review of this place, I misread it thinking it was and "Ultimate DAGGER Tycoon" Going into it with the mindset that it would be just another war tycoon that wouldn't stand out from the rest of the abundance of the like. I was happily mistaken when I joined a game to find it was DIGGER, which excited my curiosity even more as I had never really heard of any kind of tycoon of the like. As I started out just hiring workers and getting a fast cash flow I began to feel the initial effects of a tycoon game, the boredom of waiting for more money to buy more things, but then I noticed a wonderful little addition to the game that helped me kill around 15 minutes. This addition was an added item in your starter pack that was a Christmas sack gear that when used, gave you a randomized item to play with at your leisure. As you can see from the picture, I received a snowball with which I began to give into my inner "noob" and proceeded to fill the inside of the shop with millions of little snow bricks until the game was lagging so bad that the bricks were suspended in mid-air. As I finished up with that little escapade I began to feel the effects of boredom again, so I proceeded to explore. I then came across a one of a kind situation that no other tycoon has implemented in this manner (there really aren't any other digger tycoons so thats really what makes everything one of a kind :D). This was the dig sites in which you can purchase that allow you to use your shovel tool to dig for treasure in the pits and gain a little bit of extra cash while you wait for more money. After all was said and done and I had completed the entire tycoon, I proceeded to jump on top of the shop and admire all the work I had completed. Overall this was a very worthwhile and well made game that I think many would enjoy.

  • The "Buy Crate" button inside the Roblox HQ did not work for me (as in, I couldn't buy the crates)
  • Make the Treasure chests worth more money when found as to give more incentive for players when they have some down-time.
  • Some of the bricks in the dig sites could not be shoveled for some reason, but I am guessing that is just a scripting error that comes randomly and probably cannot be controlled.
  • The regen button for the dig sites was a great addition!
  • Took me forever to figure out what the crackling of falling bricks was near the shop until I found out that the bricks that judge your profit flow are falling inside the truck :P.
  • Really good aesthetics, and overall looks really nice when the finished product is reached.
  • There still were some spots where I was a bit bored and just left the game running. Try to find some way to increase cash flow, add more cheaper things to buy, or lower the prices of all the objects in the game.
This game in my eyes had a lot of originality and a lot of work put into it. I would have to give it a 9/10 (minus 1 for the long waits, but that was the only thing!). Sorry if this is a really long post, there was just too much to talk about, I didn't even get to all of it (the GUI's are really great to by the way!). Thanks again to Trevor for suggesting me to review this place, and if you are at all interested, visit it here.

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