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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The much anticipated Official ROBLOX Mobile App is finally here!

The ROBLOX Mobile App, now available on the iTunes appstore was developed by the real ROBLOX developers. As some of you may already know, they have had a mobile developer (iOS) working on a ROBLOX App for a little while now. With this App, you can easily access the ROBLOX messaging system, i.e: Private messages and Friend requests. You can check your account balance and see which of your friends are online.

One use I can find for this straight away is the ability to be sitting in your room, checking if your friends are online, you see your best friend Telamon online and you run down the stairs (Not endorsed by ROBLOX News) and jump onto your PC to get gaming with them. So, without further or do download it! It's free! Just search 'ROBLOX Mobile' into the iTunes appstore.