Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hiya. I'm new.

I'm Knexer. I'm a new writer for Roblox News here. Some of you may have seen me on YouTube, as my show Roblox Talk is both very popular and sponsored by this blog. (For the record, the first season is over. You won't be seeing any new episodes for a while.) I also work for Briguy's Roblox, another popular fan blog. I've been writing advice articles for Briguy's Roblox, and I was a place reviewer for him for a while. I'm also a renown writer and forumer, and I've collectively been on Roblox for four years, on three accounts. That's enough about me, I'll be covering you from now on. I'll be writing a series of biographical articles based on popular or historic ROBLOXians.




  1. Welcome to Roblox News.

    Please send me your Twitter info to be added to the Twitter: Roblox News Staff List

  2. @Knexer. I'm surprised you didn't know it prior to now.


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