Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gear Review: Sand Tempest Scimitar

Hello everyone! I'm proud to present the first gear review! Today I will be reviewing the Sand Tempest Scimitar.

This sword has a great Pirate feel to it, with a sleek red and black striped grip handle. This sword is also long, making it easier to kill from a little longer distance.

The Scimitar decreases your opponent's health by 15, but with it's size it won't take you long to kill your opponent.

  • Wear the Pirate Hat to increase the damage rate.
  • The Scimitar is more efficient if you attack your opponent from the back.
The Scimitar is selling for R$: 200.

Thats all for todays gear review. I will be doing a gear review every two days, so keep checking back to Roblox News!


  1. Great First Review Bodes! Welcome to the team.

  2. You should have a link to the gear in your review for the lazy people.


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